Mens Skinny Jeans

mens skinny jeansMens skinny jeans are one of the latest fashion now days. The days of the baggy jeans are slowly going away. With young popular celebrities like the Jonas Brothers sporting these mens skinny jeans, it's no wonder why the teens love them so much. I mean, we've all seen women's skinny jeans and they look just great, but do they look good on guys? According to the teen heart throbs, yes.

Of course, like all the latest fashion styles, they are merely a repeat of what has been popular in the past. Who would have thought bell bottoms would make their way back, but they did. Skinny jeans for men has had its time as well. How many rockstars do you see wearing baggy jeans? Even then, you would typically only find a certain type of people with the right figure to pull off this look.

The style has to make sense for your figure. If you are overweight, it's probably not the ideal style for you. Who really wants to see your gut protrude out even more than it has to. This style is really about showing off your legs and your savvy looks. If you have neither, probably better to stay away from these jeans.

Just keep in mind for all you guys out there who are trying to impress the ladies, use your head. If the jeans are tight to the point where it feels a bit "crowded", you need to loosen it up. Just because mens skinny jeans are a hot trend these days, doesn't mean you should risk losing circulation down there.

Want to own a pair? Well, get ready to spend some cold hard cash because these jeans are going for $40 to over $200 for a pair. Not all stores have a good selection so you will have to do some searching. Just don't be like some guys who get desperate enough to actually venture over into the women's section to find a pair.

As long as daisy dukes for men never become a style, I'm all for mens skinny jeans.